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I'll sing songs; and make them big ♬

will you remember?

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take a ride with me.
Yiwen, nicknamed WENNY is an asian girl living in Singapore. Born in the year 1989, November the 21st. Is a Interior & Landscape design student. Speaks English, Chinese, Korean & Japanese. Loves to eat, cook, bake, sing & sleep her time away. Eats alot and never exercises.

Listens to Korean & Japanese pop music. She dreams of becoming a SM artiste and has got her own friends and shoutbox fanclub supporting her all the way. Can't live without her macbook.

Journal contains entries on daily life only. She ain't scary, just a little boring sometimes. Feel free to make friends with her, add her & you shall be added back. Surely there's something common between both, it's okay even if there's none.

This journal is 100% friends-only.

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